The day started with a quick trip on TAM Airlines from Sao Paulo over the Rio. Then a taxi ride to Ipanema Beach. Which isn’t too shabby.

View of Ipanema Beach

Me and Joshua on Ipanema Beach

Me and Joshua on Ipanema Beach

There are two main beaches in Rio – Ipanema and Copacabana – each is filled with breathtaking views, golden sand, beautiful people and lots of soccer. Amazing. For part of this time, I was able to kick a soccer ball around on the beach. Check that off the list.

Atop Sugarloaf Mountain are indescribable views. Take a look for yourself.

Sitting on top of Sugarloaf Mountain

Cristo Redentor sitting on top of Rio

Breathtaking view of Rio

From Sugarloaf, you can see Cristo Redentor. Unfortunately getting closer didn’t quite work out due to timing and the million people in front of us in line. But we did manage to get to a pretty good vantage point. I think you’ll agree.


Cristo Redentor through the trees

Overlooking the entire city, Cristo Redentor

I was disappointed that I didn’t get closer to Cristo, but then I realized I was in Rio de Janeiro. What a dream.

I left for the airport after a full day smelling like Rio – the beach, the samba, the sun, the heat. It was incredible.

Back on TAM Airlines, I was greeted with this scene flying back into Sao Paulo. Perfect.

an incredble scene landing at Sao Paulo

Que saudade!