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Rush the Movie
September 25, 2013
I’ve written quite a few posts about my father and motorsports on this site. My last post on him was about his time in F1, more specifically, the 1970’s when he was beginning...
Winning races was lovely
March 17, 2013
Dad, Motorsports
Winning races was lovely. That's a quote from my dad, reflecting on his time spent in Formula One during the 1970's. Before he passed away in October of 2011, he and I are...
Prepping for the race season
February 18, 2012
Although I no longer work in racing, I still think of it often. And I have plans to remain involved in some way - more on that another time. It doesn't mean I'm going to become a...
Eulogy for my father, Sal Incandela
November 5, 2011
Dad, Motorsports
Early last December I decided to write about my father and post it online. I wanted to do something unexpected for him and something very public. I wanted everyone to know that I...