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The India Brief
February 2, 2014
I'm back in the US with lots of stats to share. Here goes... Time difference: Mumbai is 11.5 hours ahead. Number of flights taken: 6 Total number of hours flown: 35.25 Longest...
A Road Trip to Murudeshwara
January 29, 2014
India, Photography, Travel
The trip from southern Goa to Bhatkal Taluk takes 3 hours, one way. On the way down I saw cows, dogs, chickens, cats, pigs and a peacock. I passed Churches, Mosques and...
Finally made it to Goa
January 28, 2014
India, Photography, Travel
Goa's been on my list and I'm finally here. What a gift. Such beautiful beaches. I'm at Agonda Beach in Southern Goa. It's more laid back than the northern beaches. This is a...
Saturday in Mumbai
January 25, 2014
India, Photography, Travel
The traffic is considerably lighter on a Saturday in Mumbai. It's now on par with rush hour in Los Angeles. Again I spent lots of time in a car and despite no regard for any...
My First Day in Mumbai
January 24, 2014
India, Photography, Travel
It's definitely been an eye opening day. 29 floors up in my nice hotel room, I can still hear the hustle and bustle including the never ending honking of horns. It's the language...