I don’t drink, but Munich might be the best location in the world for day drinking. I’m also vegan, but Munich might be the best snack spot in the world, where you can find sausages and cheese pretzels around every corner. And everything is walkable. Combine all of these factors, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a day of drinking Spaten and loading up on meaty carbs. But I digress.

I’m in Munich and I have a camera. And you know what that means (asides from not drinking beer or eating sausages).

It’s Glockenspiel time.

The Glockenspiel

The Courtyard at the Glockenspiel

And lots of wandering around time.

Colorful flower boxes

Lamposts and shops

And generally just looking through a view finder time.

A slice of Munich

Munich rooftops

Munich is a lovely place with very friendly people. It’s a town that lends itself to exploration, discovery and beautiful imagery. Thank you for having me Bavaria!