Tag: Italy

Smeraldina Sparking Water
July 17, 2015
Lifestyle, Sparkling Water
I had the pleasure of dining at Due Amici in Columbus, Ohio recently - a delicious Italian restaurant that serves traditional dishes with a modern approach. Like most...
Getting Lost in Venice
June 21, 2014
Photography, Travel
Venetia author Tiziano Scarpa said: “Getting lost is the only place worth going to.” If you've been to Venice you know what I mean. It's like mardi gras meets Harry Potter's...
Headphones by St. Peter's Basilica
December 22, 2011
Art Concepts, The Italian Collection
If you've walked through any airport recently, you've noticed people sporting their beats by dr. dre headphones. I own a pair, believe me, they're worth the investment. I love...
The Leaning Tower of Pisa Vacuum Cleaner
December 21, 2011
Art Concepts, The Italian Collection
Want to keep your hardwoods or carpets spotless while showing little panache? I guess you could go with a Dyson. Or you could opt for The Leaning Tower of Pisa Vacuum Cleaner, the...
The Roman Colosseum Hot Tub
December 19, 2011
Art Concepts, The Italian Collection
Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you, The Roman Art Colosseum Hot Tub. The first in a new series called The Italian Collection. Part art, part functional object - art and...
Capri (the Island)
February 13, 2011
I felt compelled to write tonight, but I was suffering from writer's block - so I turned to Flickr and picked one of my sets. I immediately saw my Capri photos and figured it...