In all my travels, Sydney has been the toughest opponent when it comes to jet lag. It will lull you to sleep, then dump cold water on you at 2am. This time I played it differently. You can’t fall asleep if you don’t stop moving.

I landed in Sydney from LAX at 7am. I grabbed my camera and walked around a very quiet city, and for some reason, I chose to only shoot in black and white. I guess I wanted to see the city in a new way. There is something special about a city just waking up.

Jacksons on George neon sign

SIde street headed towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Boat and Opera House

Sydney really is one of the great cities. So much beauty. Great atmosphere. Incredible weather. And perfect for exploring.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

off the beaten path

Of all the sights, I ended up becoming captivated with this shot. I love the simplicity, lines and shadows.

Atherden Street house

I managed to stay awake until 6pm…and actually made it through most of the night. Take that jet lag.

You can view all of my Sydney photos, here – these include past photos (in color).

As always, thanks so much for reading.