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Roo Roo Roomba
March 18, 2012
Lifestyle, Robots, Video
....could you read us a bedtime story? Please, huh, please? Alright, you kids get to bed, I'll get the storybook Y'all tucked in? Yeah, here we go - Slick Rick, from Children's...
Art Installation: Anti-Bowling
December 6, 2011
Art Concepts, Video
Title: Anti-Bowling Artist: Daniel Incandela Materials: (1) Bowling Pin, combination of plastic, reactive resin and urethane (10) Bowling Balls, maple wood or plastic Variations...
Another Surrealist Chap
November 19, 2011
Random, Video
A lot of my posts are tagged with the word 'surrealism'. I'm not shy in expressing my admiration for surrealist work, Salvador Dali and my main man, Andre Breton. But there's...
Art Installation: The Perfect Penalty Kick
November 8, 2011
Art Concepts, The Beautiful Game, Video
Title: The Perfect Penalty Kick Artist: Daniel Incandela Materials: Steel goal, netting, 309 leather soccer balls Over the years, penalty kicks have provided the highest of highs...
Riding the bus
September 17, 2011
Japan, Travel, Video
I've not been shy in previous posts about sharing my love for travel. Or riding on planes. I also love sitting on trains and buses. Basically anything that lets me sit, think and...