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The Knight Rider Riding Lawn Mower
May 7, 2013
Art Concepts
With summer fast approaching and the dandelions appearing everywhere, it's time to plan your yard work for the summer. One option is to pay the neighborhood kid. The other is to...
The Doctor Who Dalek Sprinkler
October 7, 2012
Art Concepts
Two things gaining momentum these days. The heat is rising. And, everyone loves Doctor Who. I grew up in England with the original Doctor Who and the Raymond Cusick designed...
Raygun Gothic Rocketship
June 18, 2012
I was recently on the west coast of the US for work, sitting in my hotel room one evening, cranking out emails, reviewing web pages, and writing out project plans. As exciting as...
May I present to you - Dan Wonderly
March 1, 2012
May I present to you
In 1997, I walked into a painting class in Cavanaugh Hall on IUPUI's campus. I took my seat and looked to my right. I met Dan Wonderly. First of all, his last name is Wonderly....