Another in the series of The Italian Collection, this time presenting The Gondola Skateboard. This one was an easy inspiration. Venice remains one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited. And deep down, I always wanted to be a skateboarder. My dream professions?

  • Skateboarder
  • Chef (I have a section on Food)
  • DJ (I already have names picked out – DJ Rico Roughneck, DJ Inspecta Collecta, DJ Ernest Spinningway)
  • Photographer (I take lots of pics)
  • Traveler (I also play the hapless traveler role well)

The Gondola Skateboard combines my love of travel with adoration of skateboarding. I once interviewed Tony Hawk and also put in many hours playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater. As mentioned, I’ve been to Venice. Heck, I’ve even been to The Venetian in Las Vegas. And I’ve skinned the entire side of my leg and butt cheek skateboarding.That is what we call in the business, establishing credibility.

Original Sketch of The Gondola Skateboard

This is the original concept. How about a fancy rendering?


The Gondola Skateboard

The Gondola Skateboard


Would this work as a real skateboard? Yes.

Could you perform a 360 Pop Shove it or Caveman? Not sure.

Could you grind of a railing and land perfectly in a canal and float to your destination? Yes.


It’s an unlikely design for a skateboard but it brings a real sense of style, historic transportation, and Italian culture to the world of skateboarding. The most famous Italian skateboarder in the world? Probably Fabio Montagner.
Rendering of The Gondola Skateboard

It’s a sound design and would look even sharper with some graphics and a name like Element Skateboards, Birdhouse and Blitz, Toy Machine or Alien Workshop on the Gondola deck. Don’t you agree?

So jump on you Gondola Skateboard and hit the streets, tag some walls, and get chased by some mall security. And after a long day of exercise and sweating, you can take a dip in a hot tub. Maybe a Roman Colosseum one?

Thank you for reading, as always.

And – thank you again to Michele Jasper for the renderings.