Tag: Kurt Vonnegut

Raygun Gothic Rocketship
June 18, 2012
I was recently on the west coast of the US for work, sitting in my hotel room one evening, cranking out emails, reviewing web pages, and writing out project plans. As exciting as...
Intricacy and Peter Sellers
February 26, 2011
My kind of people
A lot of people I admire, are eccentric, creative, flawed, funny, selfish, brilliant, pioneering and unpredictable. I possess some of the qualities (not telling which) - but I'm...
Quoters gonna quote
January 31, 2011
Yesterday my family and I visited the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers. And it got me thinking about some of his quotes, including one...
It's a jazz thing
January 15, 2011
I got into the museum field by way of jazz. It’s seems unlikely, but it’s true. And lately, I’ve been thinking about paths and how they lead. Sometimes it’s an experience...