With over twenty years in branding, messaging, and digital strategy spanning non-profits, B2B, and B2C, Daniel Incandela has amassed significant experience. As a five-time B2B Chief Marketing Officer, he has directed global teams across all marketing functions, managed executive initiatives, devised go-to-market strategies, assembled high-performing teams, and played pivotal roles in company acquisitions and exits. Moreover, he has also advised and consulted with a number of companies across a variety of verticals and stages.

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Art and Science

Balancing creative and operational domains, Daniel navigates through complex scenarios with ease, demonstrating a keen ability to dissect complexities and present clear, actionable visions.


With experience in countless rebrands and repositioning exercises, Incandela has delivered powerful brand positioning and brought a clear strategy into building brand awareness and sentiment.


With a unique perspective derived from driving strategy across the art world, motorsports and SaaS, Daniel excels in thinking outside conventional boundaries. His fearless creativity is evident in his visionary ideas and solutions.

Full-stack Marketer

Incandela is a true marketer, with a rare blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and authentic leadership, driving excellence across all areas of marketing from brand to demand gen to product marketing.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Experience and success in driving marketing strategy across all pipeline sources, leveraging inbound, outbound, account-based marketing initiatives.

Leadership & Team Building

Daniel’s authentic and humble leadership style fosters a culture of openness, trust, and inspiration. He excels in assembling the right teams, driving towards shared goals with a spirit of camaraderie and high standards of work.


Strong emotional intelligence, adaptability and experience enables him to read the room and connect authentically, enhancing interpersonal relationships both as a leader and mentor.

Messaging and Storytelling

Merging creativity with branding expertise, Daniel crafts compelling narratives that resonate, elevating brand messages to create a lasting impact.

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