Tag: Andre Breton

2012 and Digital Content Strategies
January 2, 2012
Digital Strategy, Projects
This past year marked a notable growth spurt for this site - not just in traffic, but in types of content. It was a landmark year, where I introduced more posts and new types of...
Art Installation: Anti-Bowling
December 6, 2011
Art Concepts, Video
Title: Anti-Bowling Artist: Daniel Incandela Materials: (1) Bowling Pin, combination of plastic, reactive resin and urethane (10) Bowling Balls, maple wood or plastic Variations...
Another Surrealist Chap
November 19, 2011
Random, Video
A lot of my posts are tagged with the word 'surrealism'. I'm not shy in expressing my admiration for surrealist work, Salvador Dali and my main man, Andre Breton. But there's...
Quoters gonna quote
January 31, 2011
Yesterday my family and I visited the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers. And it got me thinking about some of his quotes, including one...
It's a jazz thing
January 15, 2011
I got into the museum field by way of jazz. It’s seems unlikely, but it’s true. And lately, I’ve been thinking about paths and how they lead. Sometimes it’s an experience...