This is a fluff post. It’s for your viewing pleasure. It involves Flickr. And it features some of my favorite images I’ve discovered since joining Flickr in 2006. I’ve been using Yahoo! since 1999! Wow. So here are some my pick of the pics, in no particular order. Enjoy.

I love this shot because I love Tokyo and I’ve been to this location. Vincent captures this scene in a way I couldn’t.


Tokyo by Vincent van der Pas

I like how Shelley grabbed this shot. I had no idea she took this. A rare moment of me driving my old 1974 VW Super Beetle with an actual passenger.

Rolling with Daniel

Me driving by Shelley Bernstein

I have such fond memories of Venice. This images captures the carnival in such a perfect way. Such an appropriate use of a fish eye.

Carnival. From Inside.

Venice by pierofix

On of my favorite bands, The Dandy Warhols. I love this shot – especially the rays of light.

Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols by maczag

Simple, this is my dream car. And here’s a row of them.


Citroens by gazzabingo

I love Cuba, photography and soccer. So…here you go.

Soccer Boys

Soccer Boys by

I also love traveling and planes. And cockpits. Love the light in this shot.

”]Airbus A318Superb photography and lighting, combined with Lego and Star Wars? Yes please.

Yavin 4's Massassi Temple

Yavin 4's Massassi Temple by Legoagogo

And finally. We all look the moon at night. But who seriously captures this shot?

Fly me to the MOON

Fly me to the MOON by Jeromy Jorgensen