I just got back from Japan where I tried some really weird foods. Some were delicious. Some were not. Either way, I’m into food. I may not blog often, but when I do, I often highlight food. This will be the third time. Including one referencing Sandra Lee. Casey Mullins and I recently wrote about food in our collaborative project, you see it differently than me. So, those are my food creds.

beautiful sarnies

Pretty Singaporean Sandwiches

As I often do – I use these posts to highlight images from my Flickr account. So that’s what I’m doing to day. It’s a fluff post, with me showing off some of my fave food pics. Hopefully with some witty banter thrown in.

a triflin' matter


Trifle is one of the greatest desserts in the world. It’s also British and I have perfected the art of making it. So in yo face. I make it annually.


Prawn Cocktail Crisps

Crisps (or chips) are tasty. England also makes the greatest crisps in the world – including my favorite flavor, Prawn Cocktail. Delicious with a Pimms cup.

more pork

Spanish food

Everyone always says how great Spanish food is. I don’t understand that statement. It’s pork hyperbole. Plain and simple.

dino egg

Dino Egg

I love eggs. I love dinos. I love this image. I’ve written about this pic, here. That’s all.

Those are some of my food rants. Do you have something to say?

I also created a Flickr group called I love to eat! Check out the slideshow.