There have been a lot of surprises from my new job (started in March) but one of the biggest perks has to be the freedom to snap photos. It’s not something I really expected when I started, but on my first day I was handed a pretty cool camera as something I could use throughout the year. I didn’t argue.

Takuma Sato

Takuma Sato at Watkins Glen

I tend to look at things differently when holding a camera. This has provided a unique point of view working in racing and traveling – walking through pit lane, the garages, and various locations we visit. It gives me a greater appreciation for the effort that goes into this industry – especially the crew members that work on IndyCar teams.


Working in pit lane at Toronto

It’s also been fascinating to see the entire process that photographers go through at the race track. There are long hours, usually spent in the heat, searching for ‘the’ shot. That’s followed up with more time spent at a computer image editing and then uploading. Then these shots may or may not be used online. It hard work for them. But it’s creative and you’re around really fast pieces of machinery.

I plan on writing more about this experience once the season is over. In the meantime, enjoy some of the images I’ve snapped throughout the season. Or not.