I had the pleasure of dining at Due Amici in Columbus, Ohio recently – a delicious Italian restaurant that serves traditional dishes with a modern approach. Like most meals and especially Italian, I ordered sparkling water.  This was the moment I was introduced to Smeraldina. To date, this is the best sparkling water I’ve ever tasted. If you know anything about me, you know I enjoy at good sparkling water – as evidence by a Pinterest board, for goodness sakes.

Image courtesy of Smeraldina

This water was so good, it compelled me to write this post. In fact, it has inspired me to start reviewing all of the sparkling waters out there. How’s that for a niche specialty?

I had not heard of Smeraldina, so I started where all the good writers begin: Google. I found their site and the following description:

Acqua Smeraldina is the premium bottled artesian water for highly health-conscious people. Acqua Smeraldina is pure artesian water from the beautiful island of Sardinia (Italy), where the lifestyle is healthier and people live longer: that’s why it is known as the island of centenarians.

Home of Smeraldina - I need to visit

Home of Smeraldina – I need to visit

Who doesn’t want to live until they’re a hundred?

And now for my 1st review – which is based on a number of things: Brand, Taste, Bubbles, Availability and Price. Some of these may seem a bit arbitrary, but you have to understand that I am a brand guy. So I admit to skewing these categories to my own interests.

Smeraldina Sparkling Water is the best I’ve ever had. Delicious paired with Italian food with a perfect bubble composition and a reasonable price ($3 for a bottle). Extra points for mentioning centenarians in their brand story. I’ve yet to find it in Indianapolis, but I will keep looking. And I know what I will be on look out for on my future travels…perhaps even to Sardinia.

Grazie Smeraldina.

Smeraldina Rating

Smeraldina Rating