2016 wasn’t the most prolific year for taking photos, but I still got in a few good shots. Let’s jump right in.

Selfie, huh? I don’t take many, but I really love this one. I think it has more to do with Ollie’s expression, but this was a genuine moment caught with my iPhone. I’ll take it.

Father and son

Whenever I travel, I try to pack my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and a lens or two. One of my new purchases was a Lensbaby lens. In all my trips to Vegas, I’ve never made it to the welcome sign. So…I took my new Lensbaby and trekked down to the sign. Here it is.

The iconic Las Vegas sign

One of the perks of working for a NYC-based company is the chance to actually go to the Big Apple. I love the energy of the city. And I am a sucker for the Flatiron building. I like this shot because I was trying to think about a different way to shoot the building. Love the low, low light.

Green light

Another fave thing about NYC? The coffee. Gregory’s is my favorite coffee shop and I wanted to capture the shot from my perspective. I often stay at a hotel directly across the street.

Gregory's Coffee

Spring had sprung. And I wanted the capture the life of Spring in a new way. This is a shot taken by my $20 Chinese CCTV lens I got through Ebay. Not bad.


Uncle Herm. Founder of Dilla’s Donuts in Detroit and Uncle to J Dilla, James Yancey. Leslie and I made the pilgrimage this summer and we enjoyed part of the morning talking with Uncle Herm about donuts, J Dilla, Detroit and hip hop. And we ate some donuts.

Uncle Herm

I wish I knew the name of his church, but I didn’t have much time in Vienna, so I just snapped away. Initially, I was disappointed that the weather was so dreary, but in this shot, it really pulls out the rich colors and the gold. Danke!

Golden touch

Garden of the Gods. Enough said.

Garden of the Gods

How do you take photos of such popular, recognizable landmarks? Similar to the Flatiron building, I wanted to shoot this in a different way, focusing on a smaller details and a different lens (lens baby). Here is the result.

Opera House Peaks

Summer’s have become very meaningful to me, mainly because Ollie stays with us for the entire time. This is him at Gen Con, our annual expedition to see all of the cool, creative characters. What a handsome boy.

Ollie at Gen Con

That’s a wrap everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful 2017. See you next year!