It’s definitely been an eye opening day. 29 floors up in my nice hotel room, I can still hear the hustle and bustle including the never ending honking of horns. It’s the language of the streets.

And those streets may have been designed for 2 lanes but they now make room for at least 5 and a half. I’ve got nothing but respect for Indian drivers (and I’ve been to Sao Paulo, Malaysia, Italy and Spain) – they have utter chaos down to a science. Did I mention part of my adventures took place on a back of a moped? Yep, definitely felt alive.

Man on bicycleThere are other sounds, something more beautiful. The call to prayer creates a moment of peace, where your mind wanders to another place. It’s like a calming breeze.

Kids being kidsI’ve seen chickens, sheep, cows and goats. One goat was chewing on a moped. They really do eat everything.

Under constructionKids are kids, in any country. The smiles, the tomfoolery and the adventures are all communicated in their eyes. I loved these two playing cricket.

Playing some cricketThe smog is a bit of a bummer because it hides a fascinating and vast city. Slums sit alongside brand new skyscrapers. There is very little separation from poverty and riches.

Sitting on top of MumbaiI managed to cross the street at the Chor Bazaar. It was like level 47 on Frogger.

Street sceneThe food has been delicious. More importantly, it has sat well.

Nice contrast in the shotAnd the people have been very warm and friendly. I’ve never seen people move so quickly. They should call it the Mumbai Minute.

High densitiyThat’s it for now. It’s been a great time in Mumbai so far.

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