This past year marked a notable growth spurt for this site – not just in traffic, but in types of content. It was a landmark year, where I introduced more posts and new types of content, including video, art concepts, a children’s story, and much more photography. This is the 2011 snapshot of I never expected the site to go in this direction, it was definitely a fluid approach.

2011 Blog Cloud

2011 Blog Cloud

This site has now become more than just a hobby. It requires management, a direction, a content calendar and a strategy. That’s a really good sign.

Instead of writing my goals for 2012, I thought I would share them in terms of a digital strategy for my site. After all, I do work in this field.

I mean, do you really want to know that I plan on running more, eating less dessert, being a nicer human, working on my abs, visiting India, learning to skateboard, growing RobotoWear, watching more Jet Li movies, and possibly buying a Roomba as a pet? I didn’t think so.

Instead, these are the main components of focus for running and communicating via this site.

Frequency: You can expect more posts, but better quality too. If I’m not improving my writing or means of communication, then what am I really doing here? I’ve been guilty of rushing to publish in the past. I plan on being more selective and therefore better.

Expand Current Categories: Expect more May I present to you, Art Concepts, Odes to Andre Breton, Travel and Photography. These were underutilized areas for me, but all have been positively received and there’s more room for growth. And I have limitless ideas for these.

New this past year and part of Art Concepts & The Italian Collection

New this past year and part of Art Concepts & The Italian Collection

New and Fresh: New ideas are key and there will be lots of them. Whether it’s collages (see below), new art concepts (yes), more specific photography projects or new, random collaborations. Expect these. And expect to be caught off guard. Were you really expecting a Roman Colosseum Hot Tub?

Who knew I was a scrapbooker?

Who knew I was a scrapbooker?

Professional Input: I work in the digital and online realm. And I have lots of opinions. Expect more musings on the state of 2012 digital, including emerging technologies, emarketing and ecommunication, content, SMS, mobile, and all of the the other buzz words. It will be helpful.

More Community Focus: I want to feature more people in the May I present to you category and reveal more about what others are doing in the digital space. I’m also considering some guest authors for my site – really bringing in an outsider to inject a little wit, sarcasm and genius into this site. Yes, I’m riding coattails here.

And Some General Goals:

  • Establish a better connection with the online community for content sharing and cross-promotions
  • Do more good with this site
  • Highlight the brilliance of others
  • Advocate for companies or brands I truly believe in
  • More laughter
  • More Creativity
  • Leave a legacy for young Oliver
  • Be utterly brilliant

As always, thank you for reading. I never take that for granted.

Got suggestions? Would love to hear them.

Later playas.