Over the past few months, I’ve listened to Pandora on a regular basis. Daily at work, in the car and also at home. It rocks. I created a bunch of stations, including The Pharcyde station, a hip hop group I somehow missed over the years, even though I was certain I would like them. I love them. One song hit me instantly – Runnin’. It’s a laid back track that reminds me of the west coast, palm trees. a cool breeze and being happy. It’s my current #1 song I listen to on a flight.

Aside from Runnin’, I’m also running again. I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with running, and in the last week, I’ve found it again and it feels great. There’s a new technology component to it as well. I run with my iPhone which lets me stream Pandora or listen to my music library through the iPod. It also allows me take photos along the way (something I always wanted to do). I can send texts, receive calls, and send a tweet – all admittedly, very hard to do while running. But I usually give myself a couple of blocks to cool down from a run. I use this time to record ideas or send e-mails that have come to me during the trek. Running is a healthier past time for me, but more importantly, it’s a creative exercise. I cover a lot of things while pounding the pavement and listening to music. Which is timely.

Outside of a hectic work schedule, I’m working on a few creative personal projects that have a pretty big scope. I’m lucky to be working on some of these with people I respect and love. Some of these projects have been in the works for years. Some of them are brand new. Either way, I’m really excited about them and hope to share information with you all very soon. I’m taking these one step at a time, but to me, they’re all big, big steps. It’s been a long time coming.

I’ve always relied on good ideas coming to me in the shower or on a long run. I’m glad I’m now doing both.

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Snapped whilst running