Do you remember you first flight? I surprisingly don’t. The first flight I remember (which I think was my 3rd) was on Virgin from London Gatwick to Newark. I don’t mind long flights, but my first experience with America, was the Newark airport. Oh well. My mom told me, that my first flight was from London Gatwick to Geneva, Swtizterland on the now defunct airline British Caledonian. During this flight, I got to visit the cockpit, annoy pilots and check out europe. Pretty cool, but it’s a shame I don’t remember it.

Since my first flight (even the one to Newark), I’ve been fascinated by and in awe of flying. I still get apprehensive during take off and landings. I always look up at the sky to identify passing planes. I love the history and panache of Pan Am. I keep up with airline industry. My first “May I present to you…” series was about Harriet Baskas, a wonderful writer about….airports, travel and more. And when I do fly, I spend a lot of the time, looking out the window, 6 miles in the air, zooming at 500 miles per hour.

like a painting

Looking out the window...

I enjoy the alone time on a flight. I always get a window seat. I listen to music, play video games on my PSP, work and read. But I always have one eye on the window, and my camera handy. It’s amazing what the world looks like at 30,000 feet.

hey, give me a wing

I love my blues

I’ve taken hundreds of these shots. And of course I upload them to Flickr, including contributing to a couple of really cool groups. From the Airplane Window and Window seat please, both include shots from above, from travelers all over the world. It’s amazing what people capture just from an airplane window. It reminds me I have a lot more to see in this world.

In my career, I’ve worked a lot with video, web development and online strategies, but I always find myself coming back to the still image and most of the time, Flickr. Maybe I’m old school or I like the simplicity of a single framed shot. In the case of sitting on a plane, I guess I want to make sure I’m not going to forget a unique experience.

chunks of ice

Chunks of ice below

I’ve been slightly inactive on Flickr recently because of the new job, bad weather and lack of travel. In the next month or two, I hope to become more active on Flickr, including some new projects. You’ll still get my standard window shots, views from my hotel room, clouds, and all the other predictable pics I capture. But, I am working on some new things, including video. So stay tuned.

By the way, if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.