Two things gaining momentum these days. The heat is rising. And, everyone loves Doctor Who.

I grew up in England with the original Doctor Who and the Raymond Cusick designed Daleks haunting me as I tried bedtime.

In England, it rained. There was no need for complex irrigation systems.

Fast forward 30++ years and I now live in the Midwest, emerging from a summer that can be best described as part Saudia Arabia and part Saudi Arabia. It was hot.

So my latest art concept combines the incredible world of Doctor Who with the needs of every true red blooded American – a perfectly GREEN, manicured lawn.

Here is the original sketch:

The concept sketched

And this is the concept realized.

The concept realized

This is your chance to show your Doctor Who pride. It’s also your opportunity to quench the thirst of your lawn. And with further thought, this will probably keep out thieves, skateboarders and door-to-door salespeople.

You’re welcome.

Renderings courtesy of Michele Jasper.

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