The Beats by Dre Limited Edition London Undercover Umbrella Speaker

Two things you should know.

1. Beats by Dre are unstoppable and the headphone of choice for most things popular culture including the music industry and the NBA.

2. Umbrellas are back. I’m not kidding. And if you need one, your best choice is London Undercover. The only choice in my opinion.

Now, consider this. What if the world of Beats by Dre and London Undercover combined? A beautiful umbrella/audio baby would be born.

Here’s the rough sketch of a Bluetooth outfitted, umbrella.

Sketch of the Bluetooth umbrella
Sketch of the Bluetooth umbrella

That’s about as rough as it gets. So here’s how it looks, all professional-like.

Mock up of the umbrella
Mock up of the umbrella

Notice the exceptional quality of London Undercover, the subtle branding of Beats by Dre, and a glimpse of the bluetooth speaker peaking out.

And here I am modeling the final concept, listening to I’m only happy when it rains. Or I’m singing in the rain. Or even better, Milli Vanilli’s Blame it on the Rain. I’ll stop.

Me sporting the umbrella in gray
Me sporting the umbrella in gray

So Beats by Dre and London Undercover – let’s make the next big thing: The bluetooth umbrella speaker.

Special thanks to Lindsay Siovaila for her exceptional design work. I’m capable of the sketch, she’s much, much more. Additional thanks to Bo Dietrick for his camera work on the original photo – it turned out great.

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