Month: November 2011

Fab 5 Ready Christmas Decorations
November 22, 2011
Fab 5 Christmas Ornaments, Star Wars
Remember Fab 5 Freddy? I do. He was a hip hop pioneer. I also remember Yo! MTV Raps and Ed Lover. The good old days. It's what helped shape my musical tastes. Thank you Fab 5...
Another Surrealist Chap
November 19, 2011
Random, Video
A lot of my posts are tagged with the word 'surrealism'. I'm not shy in expressing my admiration for surrealist work, Salvador Dali and my main man, Andre Breton. But there's...
Art Installation: The Perfect Penalty Kick
November 8, 2011
Art Concepts, The Beautiful Game, Video
Title: The Perfect Penalty Kick Artist: Daniel Incandela Materials: Steel goal, netting, 309 leather soccer balls Over the years, penalty kicks have provided the highest of highs...
Eulogy for my father, Sal Incandela
November 5, 2011
Dad, Motorsports
Early last December I decided to write about my father and post it online. I wanted to do something unexpected for him and something very public. I wanted everyone to know that I...