Category: Travel

Life is a Roller Coaster
December 30, 2013
Earlier this summer I had a long weekend to myself. Lea and Oliver were visiting her sister and I was left with a wide open schedule. And I had some travel vouchers from Delta...
A Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and London
September 10, 2013
Photography, Travel
I had good timing in buying a camera. It's allowed me to experiment in two quite opposite locations; Los Angeles and now London. London offers oodles of charming, unpredictable...
Toronto's best photography spot
August 12, 2013
Photography, Travel
Toronto is a gorgeous city. Perfect for walking, exploring and photographing. One of the best spots to shoot Toronto is at Polson Pier. It provides a perfect overview of the...
Raygun Gothic Rocketship
June 18, 2012
I was recently on the west coast of the US for work, sitting in my hotel room one evening, cranking out emails, reviewing web pages, and writing out project plans. As exciting as...
How to Fly - 10 tips
December 8, 2011
I'm flying home today and I started thinking about the rituals I go through when traveling through airports, that now seem like second nature. I know how to fly. I know how to...
Honoring Las Vegas
October 12, 2011
Photography, Travel
My days in Las Vegas are coming to an end. I'm not sure when I'll be back again, so I decided to make some time to remember this part of the country - something outside of the...
Shrines and stuff
September 19, 2011
Japan, Photography, Travel
I visited Nikko, Tochigi earlier today. It was a 40 minute train ride from Utsunomiya - a very short trip, and well worth it considering what it offers: The UNESCO World Heritage...