Month: February 2014

A Sunny Day in Munich
February 28, 2014
Photography, Travel
I don't drink, but Munich might be the best location in the world for day drinking. I'm also vegan, but Munich might be the best snack spot in the world, where you can find...
An Afternoon in Paris
February 27, 2014
Photography, Travel
I was in Paris for work and we finalized our meetings around 3pm. That left a few hours of great light on a gorgeous day in France. I grabbed my Fujifilm X-Pro 1, a 8mm, 35mm and...
The India Brief
February 2, 2014
I'm back in the US with lots of stats to share. Here goes... Time difference: Mumbai is 11.5 hours ahead. Number of flights taken: 6 Total number of hours flown: 35.25 Longest...