My name is Daniel Incandela. I was born in England back in the seventies, moved to the US in the eighties and absolutely love traveling – I’m really happy sitting on a plane, looking out the window. I’m currently Chief Marketing Officer for Return Path. Previously, I worked for ExactTarget and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

I also used to work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Director of Online Strategies. It was an incredible opportunity and a unique, creative position. I focused on a variety of websites, as well as social media, digital marketing, video projects, photography, mobile solutions and digital content creation.

Before IMS, I worked at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (for 5 years) as Director of New Media, where I oversaw a lot of web-based projects, the production of videos, ArtBabble, online community development, the museum blog, Flickr, YouTube, iTunes U and so on. I’m pretty connected online, but my main focus is to always give technology a personality. Any successful project always comes down to the quality of the content.

Personally, I enjoy Kung Fu and Bollywood films, photography, auto racing, hip hop, soccer, writing, sneakers, surrealism, Star Wars, Japanese Web Design, skateboarding and living a clean, healthy lifestyle.

I serve as a mentor with The Brandery – a seed stage startup accelerator ranked as one of the top programs in the United States. I also dabble in lots of side projects, with a focus on branding, creative and digital.

My current favorite cities are New York, London and Tokyo.

And one of my favorite quotes is – “Great things are only possible with outrageous requests” -Thea Alexander.

Thank you for checking in. Oh, and I really want to travel to India, Morocco.