My name is Daniel Incandela.

I was born in England back in the seventies, moved to the US in the eighties and have always loved traveling – I’m really happy sitting on a plane, looking out the window. I am married, with two wonderful boys, 2 cats and a rather lazy bullmastiff. Here is the big guy.

My degree is in anthropology. I am a professional photographer. I’m an inconsistent runner with one very painful marathon under my belt. I have an insane collection of Dale Murphy baseball cards. I’ve been a huge Manchester United fan since the Eighties. And I love Italian food.

I’m currently Chief Marketing Officer for Conga. I’m responsible for building the Conga brand and delivering business opportunity to the company. In the software space, I’ve worked for ExactTarget,  Salesforce, and Return Path.

Intrigued? Here’s a piece on How I got my job from a few years ago. Here are my thoughts on ego. Or some things I’d like you to know about marketing.

Here I am talking about something…

Presenting in Sydney (2019)

I also used to work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Director of Online Strategies, where I was responsible for numerous web properties, social media, digital marketing, video strategy, photography, mobile solutions and digital content creation.

Talking with IndyCar great Scott Dixon
Talking with IndyCar great Scott Dixon (2019)

Before working in motorsports, I worked at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (for 5 years) as Director of New Media, where I oversaw a lot of web-based projects, the production of videos, ArtBabble, online community development, the museum blog, Flickr, YouTube, iTunes U and so on. I learned early on that the ‘story’ is the real marketing strategy.

Presenting at the 2009 National Digital Forum in Wellington, New Zealand

I also enjoy Kung Fu and Bollywood films, photography, auto racing, video games, hip hop, soccer, writing, sneakers, surrealism, sci fi, Japanese Web Design, skateboarding and living a clean life. After years of taking myself a little too seriously, I try not to anymore.

My current favorite cities are New York, London and Tokyo.

And one of my favorite quotes is from Steve Martin.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Thank you so much for checking in. 


I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line.