Daniel Incandela, with over 20 years in digital marketing and leadership, brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors as a five-time Chief Marketing Officer. Known for his innovative, inclusive leadership, he excels in crafting clear, strategic plans and promoting diversity and equality. Incandela’s authentic style blends creative and operational strengths, aligning teams with business goals and fostering a high-performance culture. His approach marks him as a standout executive leader in the modern business world.

What I value.


Here's what I do.

Art and Science

Balancing creative and operational domains.


Experience in countless rebrands and repositioning exercises.


A unique perspective delivering creativity across the art world, motorsports and Tech.


Experience driving marketing performance at companies ranging in $10-400M in revenue.

Holistic Marketer

A  true marketer blending creativity, strategic thinking, & authentic leadership.

Leadership & Team Building

Authentic and humble leadership style fosters a culture of trust and inspiration.


Strong emotional intelligence and adaptability.

Messaging and Storytelling

Merging creativity with branding expertise, delivering compelling narratives.

Let’s work together.

Fractional marketing leadership, advising, consulting and mentoring.

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