It’s OK to Shave

The title is a bit misleading. I know it’s OK to shave, I just happen to dislike it. I’m skilled at delaying the inevitable and will happily have others do it for me. Lately, I’ve been shaving more frequently and it’s been OK. I think it’s because I’ve finally found the right tools.

I waxed poetic on Harry’s before, but I’ve grown to appreciate their business approach even more.

For one, I love their brand and visual identity. It’s simple and elegant and they use bright colors to make a statement. Harry’s reminds me of a 19th Century London brand – which is meant as a very high compliment. They also happen to be getting all of their digital marketing right, too – which is very un-19th Century. My point is, they have a good brand.

Secondly, they partnered with Herman Miller to redo their NYC offices. So there’s that. And they run an online magazine. And they donate 1% of their sales and time to local organizations. They’re kinda cool.

Harry's and an Eames chair
Harry’s and an Eames chair

And their products work. The Truman and Winston (I have both) have real weight to them – like you’re meant to shave with them….which makes me feel just a little more manly when I finally do get around to shaving. And earlier this Spring, they released a razor stand, just to reinforce the functionality and coolness behind their brand and product design. Pretty fancy.

Harry's Razor Stand
Harry’s Razor Stand

I received mine earlier this week. It sits perfectly in my bathroom – serving as a subtle reminder, that it’s ok to shave. And I might just do that…soon. Thank you Harry’s – can’t wait to see what you do next.

Harry's Truman and Razor Stand shot with my CCTV lens
Harry’s Truman and Razor Stand shot with my CCTV lens


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    That's the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.

    28 Apr 2016

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    love these shoes matches with the colors of my school since im playing volleyball i have to get them to make the other schools mad because they cant get shoes with there color!!!!!!!!!!! jk

    12 May 2016

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    Excellent choix de sandales! L’élégance de la toute fine lanière devant et la touche originale du talon derrière, alors là je dis oui, oui, oui! Bonne soirée à toi!

    12 May 2016

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    ??Lejaby va vendre plus de soutiens-gorge avec çà ? Je vous rappelle qu’ils produisent des soutiens-gorge qui sont trop chers et que les consommatrices ne veulent ou ne peuvent pas acheter. C’est ça le problème.J’ai l’impression qu’avec cette phrase vous voulez régler tous les problèmes du monde. Pour faire plus court dites-moi alors le problème que vous pensez que votre phrase pourrait ne pas régler.

    07 Jun 2016

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