I, RobotoWear

It launched. Years in the making. Days of brainstorming. It took the work of my best friend Despi Ross to pull it all together. Her husband and brilliant artist, John Ross created the RobotoWear logo. Childhood friend and financial guru, Peter Dunn is on board as CFO. And former colleague and buddy, Matt Gipson handled the web design – which rocks.

What am I talking about?

RobotoWear. It’s a clothing line, with a cool robot logo. I’ve had this idea for 3 years. I hate clothing with logos. But I always thought if I had to wear something with lettering or a logo, it would have to be a robot. Voila! RobotoWear.

It’s early days. We don’t have any actual clothing yet. That will change very soon don’t worry.

We do have a digital brand however. I think that’s pretty unique and telling in today’s age. We are born digitally. Me and Despi and Peter have launched a clothing company with limited funding (and no clothes), but brimming with ideas. My dream job is to simply be paid for my ideas. RobotoWear represents part of that dream.

RobotoWear will grow slowly but with real passion. It’s an idea and concept and approach. It’s simple, comfortable clothing created by creative, energetic and brilliant people (Despi and Peter). It’s an idea that is slowly coming alive.

Creative thinking makes me happy. Robots make me happy. Following the unknown makes me happy. Therefore, RobotoWear makes me happy. How’s that for logic?

Check out the site or on the Twitter or Facebook. Please join our community, share your ideas, your passions, your logic. And buy something…when it’s available.

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