TED (not the airline)

Remember Ted the airline? It was a sub-brand of United Airlines several years ago. It was eliminated in 2008 because of high fuel costs and the general problems most US Airline carriers have in running a profitable business. I feel sorry for the airlines. What ever happened to the romance, the thrill of flying? It’s gone. I wish I had been around during the glory days of Pan Am.

TED offices

But, I’m actually writing about TED today. You know, the Ideas worth sharing people.

Back in December, I had the pleasure of interviewing at TED. I had gone through the application process, participated in a phone interview at SFO airport (while boarding a plane) and eventually, arranged travel to New York City. Throughout this process, I was lucky enough to talk with, at great length, Executive Producer of┬áTED Media , June Cohen. She’s smart, funny, high energy and brilliant. Just look at what TED has done for the online experience and use of video. And this doesn’t consider the work TED has done to wake up human beings around the world.

I didn’t get the job, but I did get to visit their offices and meet many of the staff – people involved in content, directing, programming, editing, digital rights and so on. And then I got a really cool job at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar. Smiles all around.

I’ve been meaning to write about TED, my experience and so on – but I’ve been waiting for the right time. I guess I just needed to make it through the Indy 500. Which I did, and it was beyond amazing. So much digital content!

driver intros
2010 Indy 500 Driver Intros

And now that life is somewhat normal again, I wanted to share some of my favorite TED videos with you. I remember when I was working on ArtBabble – I referenced TED almost daily on what ideas to use in creating a devoted video site. They are amazing. So here are just a few of my picks.

I love the work of Charles and Ray Eames. I’ve visited the Eames Home and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eames Demetrios. Now there is a video on TED. ’nuff said.

I love cooking. I love England. I love Jamie Oliver (and Gordon Ramsey). And we need to eat our greens. So here you go.

And how about Elizabeth Gilbert? She’s got a smart sense of humor, she’s thoughtful, and talks about human creativity and the genius inside. Listen to her!

I could go on and on, so I’ll stop at three videos. That’s the great thing about TED. If I were to write this post again tomorrow, I would probably pick 3 different videos.

I’m interested in hearing about your favorite TED speakers or more simply, what some of your inspirations are.

Mine are still simple – be creative, be kind, and do great work.

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