On the road to Asheville and Appville

We just returned from a family road trip. It involved 17 total hours in a car with a 5-month old, 1 speeding ticket, detours, horrendous weather, some fast food, energy drinks and did I mention a baby in the car? But the trip was worth it – quality time with family and the lovely city of Asheville – home of microbrews, Grove Park Inn and a little house called the Biltmore (see below).

The Biltmore

My younger,  brother-in-law also surprised us with a visit. Aside from being hilarious – he also knows technology, I mean knows everything. So he asked what apps I had for my iPhone, and an education began. Here are some of new apps he mentioned to me and some of my favorite oldies but goodies.

CardStar: I’m man that believes in carrying a money clip. This app organizes all of your discount or reward cards for easy scanning at checkouts. CVS, grocery store, the playa ball, Toys r Us, yeah, it’s all stored. You’ll be organized and your money clip will shine.

BigOven: Need to know how to boil water, make lobster bisque, a sunday roast, Chicken marsala? This app will save the day while you’re walking through the grocery store looking for paprika. Unfortunately, it won’t turn you into Gordon Ramsey.

Knocking Live Video: Wow. Turn your iPhone into a streaming web cam. Wanna give someone a home tour? Wanna stream some street racing? Wanna give a live video demonstration of _______? Get to it. Send your video to a buddy, colleague or parent. What are you waiting for? Read their blog posts here or see the demo below – 

These were some of the best apps my b-i-l mentioned, and these don’t include what I already regulary use, such as TweetDeck, Facebook, Flickr, and more recently foursquare.  But, there are a couple of other apps I’m excited to use shortly – RedLaser and Remote – it’s all about scanning barcodes for deals and controling iTunes with my phone.

Some of the apps are incredible. I remember back in November, calling home from New Zealand, using Skype via free wifi – how amazing is that? But really, in closing, can anything top The Mighty Boosh app? I know my life is complete.

I’ve missed a million apps – but I have I overlooked a must have? Let me know.

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    Well said. However what you are asking is that every parent out there actually be involved in what their kids listen to and, unfortunately, there are a lot of parents out there that don’t want to put that much effort into parenting.I’m also wondering about the racial undertones of “that white girl”. If some country singer started referencing a drug by referring to it as “that black girl” or “that brown girl” how quickly there would be a backlash.

    28 Apr 2016

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